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The Great MND Relay Event questions

Do I have to attend the event for the whole 41 hours?

Your registration to The Great MND Relay event allows you to come and go as you please. It is up to you how long you are at the event. You could come multiple times to the event over the 41 hours, OR if you are up for it, you are welcome to stay for the full event!

What do I bring to The Great MND Relay event? 

Deck yourself out from head to toe in blue! Make sure you wear your comfortable exercise shoes, bring water, snacks and dress for Melbourne weather!

Will the event go ahead if it's raining? 

Like the cornflower, The Great MND Relay will prevail through whatever Melbourne weather throws at us - rain, hail or shine, we will never give up!

Why do I pledge a time? 

To make a 41 hour relay happen we need our communities help! By pledging a time that you will start walking on the track, you are taking part in helping ensure no one walks alone, and helping make the relay continuous. 

If you are unsure on what time you will arrive at the event, that is completely fine! Just select 'Not sure' under the time option on the registration form.

It is not compulsory to pledge a time or walk. You can simply register and come along to show your support, and to enjoy the entertainment!

What does it cost to attend the event? 

Tickets are $10 per person. Kids under 5 attend the event free. It is free to register for the virtual Your Relay, Your Way.

How many people can we have in a team? 

The limit does not exist - the more the merrier! There are no limits to how small or large teams can be.

Do I need to be in a team to come to The Great MND Relay? 

Whether you're ridin' solo or getting the gang together, everyone is welcome.

Does my team have to set a challenge to do at the event? 

Not at all! You can walk as long or as little as you wish - or do your own challenge. Our event is about empowering our community to push themselves, get involved, have fun and make a difference in the process.

What COVID-19 safety measures will there be at the event? 

We are following the current Victorian Government's COVID-19 guidelines. We will have hand sanitiser available at the event, and appropriate cleaning measures. Please note these guidelines are subject to change at anytime. We will update our safety measures accordingly.

Will there be food at the event? 

Through the 41 hours we will have various food trucks at the event. We will keep you updated through email and on our Event Information page about the schedule for food trucks, entertainment and activities.

Is the venue wheelchair accessible? 

Yes, the Harold Stevens Athletics Track is all wheelchair accessible.

What facilities are available at the venue?  

There are toilets, water stations, a photo booth, a first aid station, and seating areas at the venue! The venue is wheelchair accessible. We will let you know through email which entertainment and food trucks will be at the event over the 41 hours.

Can I sleep at the event? 

We do have space available where you can set up a small tent, however, we do ask that you give us a heads up if you are planning on bringing a tent so we can make sure we have enough space for you dedicated superstars!

Can I bring my dog?

Sadly dogs are unable to be at the event due to the venue's rules. 

Your Relay, Your Way

Can I do the Your Relay, Your Way on any date? 

We are encouraging everyone to choose 41 hours during the national MND Awareness Week (Sunday 19 June Saturday 25 June 2022). However, if this week doesn't suit you, you can choose anytime in June to do your challenge.

What does it cost to participate in Your Relay, Your Way? 

It is free to register for the virtual Your Relay, Your Way. If attending The Great MND Relay physical event in Coburg, tickets are $10 per person, and kids under 5 are free.

What is the challenge for Your Relay, Your Way? 

It's Your Relay and you get to do it Your Way. You can choose any challenge to undertake in 41-hours and when! i.e. 41 consecutive hours or 41 hours in total across multiple days. How many kilometers can you run/walk/swim/ride in 41 hours? How many push up/burpees/sit ups can you do? Could you walk a total of 41km over MND Week? The challenge you set is up to you!

Registration/Fundraising questions 

I am having trouble registering or with my fundraising page. Can you help? 

We sure can! You can contact our friendly team on 03 9830 2122 or by emailing community@mnd.org.au

Can I add people to my team after I register? 

Absolutely! On your team fundraising page, click on “invite members” located under the team members section at the bottom of the page. From here, insert up to five (5) team invitations at a time.

Do I have to fundraise? 

Whilst fundraising is an optional part of The Great MND Relay, we do encourage it. Every gift, no matter how big or small, makes a difference, with over 70% of MND Victoria's income coming from the generosity of people like you. Raise over $470 to receive your exclusive VIP Relay Pack.

What if I have cash to donate? 

Every dollar counts! If you have cash to donate, contact us via 03 9830 2122 or by emailing community@mnd.org.au - so we can add it to your fundraising total.

Where is the money going? 

All money raised through The Great MND Relay directly supports those living with MND by funding the direct care, support and vital assistive equipment required to help them live better for longer. Find out more

How can I fundraise? 

If you need help planning your fundraising activities or events, we're here to make it easier. Check out our Resources and Tips page to see some handy hints and ideas! Reach out to our awesome team on 03 9830 2122 or at community@mnd.org.au if you have any questions