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The Great MND Relay Event questions

What do I bring to The Great MND Relay event? 

Deck yourself out from head to toe in blue. Make sure you wear your comfortable exercise shoes, bring water, snacks and dress for Melbourne weather! Check out our Get Prepared page for more information.

Will the event go ahead if it's raining? 

Like the cornflower (the little flower that never gives up), The Great MND Relay will prevail through whatever Melbourne weather throws at us - rain, hail or shine, we will never give up!

Can I register on the day? 

Registration on the day is available. However, to ensure we do not exceed participant numbers, we recommend you register online before the event day to avoid missing out!

Why 42kms? 

The Great MND Relay is a 42km (105 laps) relay event, representing each of the years MND Victoria has provided care and support services to those impacted by motor neurone disease. You can find out more about our organisation 'here'

What does it cost to attend the event? 

Tickets are $60 for Adults and $35 for Under 18's. Kids under 5 attend the event free. It is free to register for our virtual option - Your Relay, Your Way.

How many people can we have in a team? 

There is no limit on amount of people in your team! As they say 'the more the merrier' and in our case... 'the more people, the less laps!'

Do my family/friends need to register to come watch/support me? 

Your family and friends can come after 4pm to watch the last laps and enjoy the event celebrations for free. The event celebrations finish at 5:30pm.

How do I become a Champion? 

Our Champions are superstars who have raised $1000 by 27th May 2023, for the care and support services for those living with MND. As a Champion you will be featured on our Champion board, receive an exclusive sweatband set, VIP merch pack, a Champion badge identifier on your fundraising page and you will get to have your own personal message on screen at the Great MND Relay event! Join our Champions today.

What does my entry include?
  • An exclusive Great MND Relay t-shirt
  • Finishers medal 
  • Lap results tracked by Timing Solutions technology 
  • Opportunity to win prizes 
  • Entertainment and activities on the day
Can I bring my pets to the event? 

Although we love pets, we unfortunately cannot have pets in the stadium so leave them at home, and imagine how excited they will be to see you after you finish The Relay!

Where do I park? 

Parking at Lakeside Stadium is owned and operated by Parks Victoria. There is a total of 418 parking bays in the Lakeside car park. There is also parking along Albert Road instead of entering Aughtie Drive through to the stadium.

Check out Lakeside Stadiums transport information at: https://melbournesportscentres.com.au/venues/lakeside/

Is there public transport nearby? 

There are two convenient tram routes that drop you off close to Lakeside Stadium. 

  • Route 96 (East Brunswick to St Kilda Beach) – Stop 129 
  • Route 12 (City to South Melbourne/St Kilda) – Stop 131

Check out Lakeside Stadiums transport information at: https://melbournesportscentres.com.au/venues/lakeside/ 

Do I need to be in a team to come to The Great MND Relay? 

Whether you're ridin' solo or getting the gang together, everyone is welcome. Take on the challenge of doing 105 laps yourself, or get your loved ones on board to help you complete the laps.

Does my team have to do 42km (105 laps) at the event? 

Our event is about empowering our community to push themselves, get involved, have fun and make a difference in the process. If you don't want to complete the 42km (105 laps) that's totally fine! Let our friendly staff know on the day if you aren't aiming for 105 laps.

Will there be food at the event? 

We will have a BBQ and coffee van there on the day available for purchase. You are welcome to bring your own food and favourite snacks too!

Is the venue wheelchair accessible? 

Yes, Lakeside Stadium is wheelchair accessible.

When will I receive my Registration Kit? 

You'll receive your Registration Kit at the event upon arrival. The event opens at 7:30am and there'll be signed marquees for where to pick up your Registration Kit.

What items are prohibited?

Lakeside Stadiums Prohibited Goods which you cannot bring to the event: 

1. liquor or any alcoholic beverages

2. glass objects

3. cans

4. opened beverage containers or those with the manufacturer's seal broken

5. drink coolers, ice boxes or eskies

6. firearms, knives or any other implement that may be used as a weapon or used in a way which affects the safety of those in the Venue, damages property, or interferes with the comfort of patrons at the Venue

7. a "dangerous article", "prohibited weapon" or "controlled weapon" each within the meaning of those terms as defined in the Control of Weapons Act 1990 (Vic)

8. flares, distress signals including pyrotechnic devices, rockets and smoke generators

9. or other explosives or flammable good or equipment

10. laser lights or laser pointers

11. drones or similar unmanned aerial vehicles or surveillance devices

12. musical instruments

13. whistles and loud hailers, horns, bugles, vuvuzelas

14. a flag or banner larger than one metre by one metre or with a handle longer than one metre

15. rollerblades, skateboards, hoverboards or scooters

16. torn up paper, confetti, rice or streamers

17. folding or camp chairs, lounges, benches, stools or tables

18. animals excluding an animal used for your assistance if you are blind, deaf or otherwise have a disability

19. dangerous goods as defined in the Dangerous Goods Act 1985 (Vic)

20. any item you intend (or such quantities of the item from which MSC can reasonably infer that you intend) to distribute, sell, offer or expose for sale

21. any item bearing any image, slogan or text that is indecent, discriminatory, obscene, insulting or threatening, as determined by MSC in its sole discretion

22. public address systems, electronic equipment, broadcast equipment or similar device that may interfere with the broadcast equipment or similar devices being used by MSC

23. any item the possession of which does not have an ordinary and reasonable use by a person within the Venue

24. any other objects, device or substance that may be used to deface or damage any part of the Venue or which, in the opinion of MSC, has the potential to cause injury, offence, embarrassment or disturbance to any other person

Is there bag storage available? 

There is no bag storage available. For security and liability reasons, we recommend only bringing limited items with you.

Registration/Fundraising questions

I am having trouble registering or with my fundraising page. Can you help? 

We sure can! You can contact our friendly team on 03 9830 2122 or by emailing community@mnd.org.au.

Can I add people to my team after I register? 

Absolutely! On your team fundraising page, click on “invite members” located under the team members section at the bottom of the page. From here, insert up to five (5) team invitations.

Do I have to fundraise? 

Whilst fundraising is an optional part of The Great MND Relay, we do encourage it. Every gift, no matter how big or small, makes a difference, with over 70% of MND Victoria's income coming from the generosity of people like you.

If you need help with fundraising, we're here to make it easier. Check out our Resources and Tips page to see some handy hints and ideas! Reach out to our awesome team on 03 9830 2122 or at community@mnd.org.au if you have any questions.

How do I get a VIP Relay Pack? 

Raise over $420 by May 27th 2023 to receive your exclusive VIP Relay Pack on the day.

What if I have cash to donate? 

Every dollar counts! If you have cash to donate, contact us via 03 9830 2122 or by emailing community@mnd.org.au - so we can add it to your fundraising total.

Where is the money going? 

All money raised through The Great MND Relay directly supports those living with MND by funding the direct care, support and vital assistive equipment required to help them live better for longer. Find out more.

Can I do the Virtual: Your Relay, Your Way on any date? 

We are encouraging everyone to complete their own 42km challenge over the weekend Friday 26th May - Sunday 28th May. However, if these dates don't suit you, you can choose anytime in May to do your challenge.

What does it cost to participate in Your Relay, Your Way? 

It's free to register for the Virtual: Your Relay, Your Way. If attending The Great MND Relay physical event in Albert Park, tickets are $60 for adults and $35 for U18's under 5's are free.

What is the challenge for Your Relay, Your Way? 

It's Your Relay and you get to do it Your Way. You can choose how to complete your own 42km challenge. Will you walk 42km straight? Will you run 42km over a weekend? Will you swim 42 laps? It's up to you and we can't wait to see what challenge you do! Check out some more ideas here.